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About Us

Klamath Falls Football Officials Association provides qualified officials for youth football leagues and OSAA-sanctioned football contests in Klamath County and Lakeview, Oregon. Our objective on the field is to ensure the game is played safely and fairly.



Football officials are just like anyone else - we are lawyers, soldiers, project managers, accountants, business owners, teachers, and even retirees. We invest time and resources above and beyond our vocations to make sure young student-athletes have a positive experience.


Our avocation (officiating) is more than a hobby - it takes time, practice and dedication to become a good official. 



People become officials for many different reasons:

  • To "give back" to a sport they love

  • To get some extra exercise

  • To support student-athletes' participation

  • To enjoy fellowship with others, and to make friends

  • To earn some extra money

These are just some of the reasons we do what we do. There is certainly money to be made officiating, but that's a pretty small reason many of us are in this - for a variety of reasons, we simply enjoy getting out on the field. 



Many officials who work a single sport find themselves interested in doing more to promote the avocation of officiating. For most, that means picking up another sport ... or two. For others, they become interested in association leadership positions, either locally, regionally or at the state level. 

Qualified officiating requires effective leadership in local and state associations, and it also requires adequate training. Many of us find ourselves trying to fulfill roles in these areas to make sure there are enough qualified officials for many more years to come. 

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